A Candle not lighted is dead, so my mentor Martin Hellriegel would say. And a liturgical candle, moreover, is meant to be burned; for when burning, it proclaims the life and light of Christ Jesus. Out of admiration for our pastor of nearly 40 years, my parents handed on to me the name Martin. Today, three decades later, the spirituality of that great pioneer in liturgical renewal still pervades my work. From the hand-dipped beeswax candle to the labor-intensive process of carving and embellishing, each of my candles bears the stamp of the artist. This is necessary for the authenticity the church encourages in liturgy.

My craft then, is an expression of a life-long yearning. With a careful eye to the richness of our faith tradition, I explore new ways of expressing through art and symbol the tenets of our beliefs. Our techniques of candle decorating have turned the industry upside down. We were the first to introduce our unique process of wax-inlay—imitated often but not duplicated. And our inventive technique brushed  wax™ allows for a more expressive use of color, brilliance, and texture.

My greatest joy as a liturgical artist, however, comes not from fashioning beautiful candles, but rather from lighting them. For only in the vitality of a liturgical context are mere artifacts given meaning and life.

To the loyal supporters of my work, I offer a sincere thanks. And to those new to Marklin Candle Design, I greet you in the favorite words of another Martin . . . God be with you!


Marklin Candle Design